Do you have Parkinson disease with memory problems and want to contribute to Parkinson’s research?  The University of Calgary together with the Hotchkiss Brain Institute are conducting an a clinical research study to better understand structural and functional brain changes in people with PD-MCI (mild cognitive impairment) after Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

Who is eligible to participate in the study?

    • Men and women 60 to 80 years of age
    • Patients with Parkinson disease and mild cognitive impairment (mild memory and thinking problems)

What is required of the participants?

    • Your participation will:
    • last approximately 2.5 months
    •  involve ten (10) in-person visits throughout the study
    •  At the initial visit, a one-time blood sample will be drawn for DNA collection
    •  Your mood, memory and thinking will be assessed; this involves performing a series of tests and answering questionnaires
    •  PD symptoms will be assessed
    • You will be asked to undergo two (2) MRI scans of your brain and three (3) TMS (or placebo) sessions

University of Calgary & Hotchkiss Brain Institute
REB 15-1689

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