We aim to [1] Determine which tools are validated and accurate for the detection of anxiety in patients with PD and Dementia. Our group has already completed two reviews to determine the most appropriate depression detection tools to use in patients with PD and dementia, [2] Understand from local stakeholders, knowledge/end-users what the barriers are to the use of these detection tools in the outpatient setting, [3] Develop an implementation strategy that addresses the identified barriers in each context and to pilot test these tools in the clinical setting.

  • We will recruit one focus group with patients and caregivers (n= 6-8) to assess barriers and facilitator to use of detection tools for depression and/or anxiety.
  • We will recruit one focus group with health care provider groups (MD, OT, PT, RN, NP, Pharmacists, RD, Social work etc), organized by clinical setting including Senior’s Health, Movement Disorders and Cognitive Neurosciences.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Health care practitioners who work in the relevant clinics will be included.
  • Patients or caregivers will be included if they have had a diagnosis by a specialist of Parkinson’s disease or dementia and have had experience with depression or anxiety.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Participants need to be able to provide verbal and written consent to participate in the focus groups.
  • We will have to restrict participation to English speaking participants only due to feasibility related to a lack of budget or resources to provide focus groups in multiple languages.
  • Participants must be able to physically, behaviourally, and verbally participate in a focus group. As such those who are unable to do so will be excluded. This may exclude patients with severe disease – we will however be able to open participation to their caregivers as a surrogate. Any disability that can be mediated will be, e.g. handi-accessible rooms, use of hearing aids etc.

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