Jenelle Cheetham, B.Sc.Research Coordinator

    Jenelle Cheetham obtained her BSc in Honors Neuroscience in 2012 at the University of Alberta. Her honors research project in the department of Psychiatry at UofA, examined how different personalities subconsciously inhibit negative self relevant memories.

    Following her degree, she worked as a research assistant in the department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the U of A. She assisted with a PHD project looking at the effectiveness of functional electric stimulation while cycling as a rehabilitation therapy to improve mobility, balance and ambulation in individuals with incomplete spinal cord injuries. She then worked for a year and a half in Burnaby as a medical office assistant for a private Audiologist, but is happy to be back in Alberta as she grew up in Red Deer, Alberta.

    Jenelle is presently a research coordinator for the PCAN lab and is looking forward to continue contributing to the field of Neuroscience.

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